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NIEUW - AHCON Wheel Trolley Easy Lift

De allernieuwste trolley van AHCON !

Wheel Trolley Easy Lift is our brand new invention. It is the most ergonomic variant within our range of Wheel Trolleys.
It is an elevated Wheel Trolley, which, with the help of springs, raises and lowers in relation to load. A brilliant feature, when you wish to save yourself for heavy lifting and relieve knees and back.

The trolley is intended for 4 wheels and may be used for, amongst others, the mounting and dismounting of wheels, at tyre racks and as an ergonomically correct transfer to the tyre changing machine.

Wheel Trolley Easy Lift can - with just a small investment - improve the work environment considerably when handling tyres. 

  • Adjusts height in relation to the load
  • Designed for 4 wheels and may be used for, amongst others, the mounting/dismounting of wheels
  • Supplied with wheel brakes on 2 casters
  • Improves ergonomics when handling tyres
  • Stackable, up to 4 pcs. Hereby the 2 lower ones fold together

Om de eenvoudigheid en de “know-how” van het gebruik van de Easy Lift te illustreren heeft AHCON een korte video gemaakt die hieronder beschikbaar is : 

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